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Why Fiber?

Greatest Infrastructure Development since Electricity


In today’s information age, a community’s communication infrastructure is just as important as its roads and electrical infrastructure for attracting investment for economic growth. A fiber infrastructure helps promote economic development because it provides businesses, schools, libraries, hospitals, and government buildings access to the best communications infrastructure available.


Fiber allows for a much faster transfer of information than traditional copper cable wires. The fiber cables are buried underground and attached to electrical utility poles. They transfer information through pulses of light at a high speed along thin, long strands of glass. Additionally, information can be transferred greater distances without signal loss along fiber than copper cable wires, which is especially important in rural communities like Steuben County. For businesses who increasingly rely on online services, including VoIP (voice over internet protocol telephones), streaming video, offsite data storage, video conferencing, and cloud computing, fiber networks are an important development.


Open Access Network


Rather than providing services directly to individual customers, SCFN owns the infrastructure and leases fiber usage to service providers. These providers offer services such as VoIP, data transfer between buildings, and high-speed internet. As an open access system, there is no requirement for customers of the fiber network to use a specific provider for their services such as internet.


SCFN Open Access Network

SCFN vs. Managed Networks

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A single cable of fiber includes multiple strands, allowing it to service many connections.