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Bill Stitt


Dr. Stitt began his teaching career at Fremont Community Schools in 1990 – 1992. Over the last thirty years, he has moved around Indiana and Michigan working as a music teacher, principal, and superintendent. He was the middle school principal at Fremont Community School from 2000-2007 and presently the superintendent/CFO since 2016.


His motivation for joining the SCCF board was his love for the mission. Dr. Stitt shared that his parents inspired him to serve. They did not have a lot growing up, but what they did have they shared with others. His parents wanted at least one girl, but they had four boys. They became foster parents for over 400 children. At an early age, Dr. Stitt learned to share his parents with children who did not have loving parents.


Dr. Stitt looks forward to helping find the next big project for SCCF and using his skills as an “outside the box thinker.”


In addition to the SCCF board, Dr. Stitt is the vice president for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Steuben County Economic Development Corporation board.


In his free time, Dr. Stitt enjoys spending time with his family. He can also be found reading, riding his bicycle, watching Fremont Sports and the Pittsburgh Steelers, or playing in the praise band at Fairview Missionary Church.


His favorite parts about Steuben County are the lakes, the small town family environment, and the caring community.

Board of Directors


“I want to help bring together individuals, families, and businesses to build a better community and support nonprofits that make a difference, to help make a better quality of life for all residents of Steuben County, today and tomorrow.”



Dr. Bill Stitt joined the SCCF Board of Directors in 2020. Dr. Stitt is currently the superintendent/CFO of Fremont Community Schools. He received a bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University in music education, a master’s degree from Indiana University in school administration, and a doctorate from Oakland City University in educational leadership.