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Community Impact

How does the fiber network benefit the community?


The fiber network pays SCCF a fee for staff time and management, as well as returning a portion of its monthly revenues to the community. These funds are returned to SCCF and divided between the SCCF operating endowment, the Steuben County Field of Interest Fund, and the eleven community funds held at SCCF based on the number of fiber network customers living in each area.


SCCF believes the fiber network will continue to be a source of reliable funding, allowing us to support community initiatives and improve quality of life in Steuben County.  


Communities want the best infrastructure so they can receive the best services and attract investment for economic growth. In today’s information age, a community’s communication infrastructure is just as important as its roads and electrical infrastructure. Businesses need more and more online services as well, including VoIP (voice over internet protocol telephones), streaming video, offsite data storage, video conferencing, and cloud computing, but they also need a technological workforce that is connected at school and home. A fiber infrastructure helps promote economic development because it provides businesses, schools, libraries, hospitals, and government buildings access to the best communications infrastructure available.



How is this fiber network beneficial for its users when compared to other networks?


Customers enjoy connectivity and reliability at a lower rate than comparable, for-profit networks. Additionally, a portion of their fees will be reinvested to benefit the community.