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Steuben County Community Foundation (SCCF) and Steuben County United Way (SCUW) have created a funding partnership to provide grants for COVID-19 relief. With full support of both boards, the two organizations are pooling grant resources in order to provide a central point of funding for Steuben County nonprofits affected by COVID-19. A committee with members from both organizations will review all applications and make joint recommendations for funding projects that alleviate the impact of the coronavirus on local residents.


Additional gifts can be made to the Steuben County Disaster Response Fund online by clicking our "donate now" button or by mailing a check to SCCF at 1701 N Wayne St, Angola, IN 46703 with a note in the memo.


This fund benefited from a $200,000 grant made possible through a partnership between Lilly Endowment Inc. and Indiana United Ways, the state professional association of which Steuben County United Way is a member. This brings the Steuben County Disaster Response Fund to a total of $325,000 in available grant dollars that have been raised by our community, SCCF, and SCUW to support COVID-19 relief efforts for Steuben County nonprofits.  


Click here to read through the grant guidelines.

Guidelines updated 8/27/2020

Steuben County Disaster Response Funding Partnership

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Year-End Fundraising Match


In the midst of COVID-19, we recognize that many nonprofits are struggling to solicit gifts from individuals and corporations at the same level as in previous years. In order to boost the fundraising efforts of local organizations and help them reach their year-end fundraising goals, the Steuben County Disaster Response Fund is offering a dollar for dollar matching grant opportunity. Nonprofits must attend SCCF's workshop on Year-End and Digital Fundraising in order to qualify.


Read the guidelines here.