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Dr. Goodwin attended Ball State University for his undergraduate degree to teach social studies. Upon graduation, he moved back to Angola and began his career in education which spanned over 4 decades. Dr. Goodwin retired in 2010 as Superintendent of the Metropolitan School District of Steuben County.


When he retired, Dr. Goodwin decided he wanted to give back his time and skills to serve the community. His SCCF board service has allowed him to listen to and work with a diverse group of community members and stay busy in his retirement.


Dr. Goodwin enjoys the opportunity to direct SCCF dollars towards making a difference in the community through grants to nonprofits such as the Equestrian Rehabilitation Center. This grant provided money for scholarships to reduce the cost of services and improve accessibility.  


Dr. Goodwin is proud of the many great organizations and projects taking place in Steuben County. Through his board service, he hopes to somehow improve quality of life in Steuben County, especially in areas of education and community health. He has been an active member of the board at Cameron Hospital, and he served as chairman of the board when they built the new hospital—directly next to his childhood home! Upon the end of his term as chairman of the board at Cameron Hospital, Dr Goodwin was honored with the Sagamore of the Wabash award from then Governor Mike Pence. He also served on the board at the Community Humane Society for a time and still supports the work of this organization. In his free time, Dr. Goodwin enjoys traveling and has visited many places in the United States and Europe.

Dave Goodwin

Board of Directors

Grants Committee



“I’ll always believe it’s harder to give money away than to raise it! You want to make a big impact, and there are a lot of things to look at. Our grants are small, but they’re a catalyst to get something good started in Steuben County.”



Dr. Dave Goodwin was born and raised in Steuben County. He has served Steuben County Community Foundation for 6 years on the Grants Committee and the Board of Directors.