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How We Impact Donors

  • The Steuben County Community Foundation makes it possible for donors to impact those charitable causes that are close to their hearts.

  • Because their funds are endowed, our donors know that the impact of their gifts will last forever.

  • We make giving easy by accepting many types of gifts and by handling all the details – paperwork, grant follow-up, accounting/reporting, etc.

  • Donors can choose the types of funds they wish to establish and can have as much or as little involvement in those funds as they desire.

  • We provide advice to donors about community needs and where their dollars can have the greatest impact.

  • Giving to endowed funds offers donors tax advantages.

  • Our board and staff are excellent stewards of our donors' gifts.

  • Through the awarding of grants, the Community Foundation helps grant seekers accomplish their missions and impact the community.

  • Grants provide assistance in meeting emerging community needs.

  • The Foundation assists with information about additional sources of funding.

  • The Community Foundation offers professional advisors planned giving tools that enhance their ability to impact their clients, by offering them ways to meet their charitable and estate planning needs.

  • Through education and training opportunities, we help professional advisors raise their level of expertise concerning trends in and methods of charitable giving.

  • Through agency endowments, nonprofit and community agencies have a source of income so they can continue to have impact into the future.

  • We offer nonprofit agencies much-needed assistance with board development, fund raising, operating issues, planned giving and more.

  • We provide long-term leadership, promoting philanthropy by offering all members of the community a model of how to give.

  • As a catalyst, we focus on community needs, creating ways to meet those needs, resolve issues and build a stronger community.

  • We provide information and referral, helping members of the community understand and gain access to services.

  • As a convener, we bring together many independent, possibly competitive, organizations to coordinate efforts to resolve community issues for positive impact.

  • With a variety of endowed scholarships, the Steuben County Community Foundation impacts students by making it possible for them to pursue an education beyond high school.

How We Impact Professional Advisors

How We Impact Grant Seekers

How We Impact Nonprofit Organizations

How We Impact the Community

How We Impact Scholarship Seekers

Interested in creating a fund?


Establishment of a fund is easy, convenient, and inexpensive; it can be done in less time than it takes to open a bank account. We take care of all the administrative activities, allowing you to focus on being the grant maker!


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The Angola Rotary Club contributed to the Angola Rotary Club Scholarship Fund. The endowment now has a balance of over $100,000

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