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Doug Bomba

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Finance and Investment Committee

Scholarships Committee



“People here get behind projects, they put their minds to something and get it done. I hope to be part of the effort to keep SCCF as a strong part of the community.”


Doug Bomba has been on the Board of Directors at Steuben County Community Foundation since 2016. He grew up in Three Rivers, Michigan, and attended college in Bowling Green, Ohio. Doug has worked in a variety of hospitals in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and now Indiana.

He recently retired from Cameron Memorial Community Hospital where he served as Chief Financial Officer.


Doug’s introduction to SCCF was serving on the scholarship committee with his wife, Rita. In addition to the Board of Directors, Doug also enjoys serving on the SCCF Finance Committee. Before volunteering for leadership roles at SCCF, Doug was active in the Angola Rotary Club, United Way board of Sidney, Ohio, and the Investment Board at the Community Foundation of Shelby County.


One of the challenges that Doug anticipates SCCF will face is a change in philanthropic attitudes and finding ways to remain relevant. He is confident that the generous community of Steuben County will place SCCF in a good position to find the best ways to make a positive impact.


With 6 children and 13 grandchildren, Doug and Rita spend most of their free time with family. Doug believes Steuben County has much to offer, from nonprofits who provide great services to the natural resources of the lakes and Pokagon State Park. He is proud to be part of a community foundation that is so well supported by the people of Steuben County.

Doug Bomba