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FIST Grants

FIST Community Grants are available for any nonprofit organization in or serving Steuben County, including churches and service clubs.


FIST School Personnel Resource Grants are available for any K-12 school personnel employed at MSD of Steuben County, Hamilton Community Schools, or Fremont Community Schools, including the EOC.


Applications MUST fit with the FIST mission statement.


FIST is Steuben County Community Foundation's youth philanthropy group. Each year, 15-20 high school students from Steuben County schools gather monthly to organize service projects and award grants to nonprofits and school personnel.


Grant Spotlight




Read additional recent grant stories on our news page.


Mission Statement: FIST seeks to empower the youth of Steuben County to become the leaders of tomorrow by sharing their resources and empowering others to donate their time, talents and treasures.