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The Steuben County Community Foundaiton (SCCF) serves as a philanthropic leader in the community, identifying and exploring important needs and concerns, addressing serious problems, and shaping effective responses. Each year, SCCF awards more than $1 million in grants to nonprofits addressing important needs in Steuben County.

Grant Categories

The Spirit of Community Fund supports projects that address needs in 4 grant cycles: human services, healthcare, education, and a broad group that includes arts and culture, environment, recreation, community development, and other projects.


The Women's Fund supports projects that benefit women and girls in Steuben County.


The Humanities Fund supports projects to increase awareness of the arts and humanities in Steuben County.


Community Funds offer localized support to 10 communities within Steuben County. Each application is submitted to a committee of representatives from that community which recommends grants to the full SCCF board.

2018-2019 Applications and Deadlines

Human Services: July 31, 2018

Healthcare: October 31, 2018

Education: January 31, 2019

Arts/Culture, Environment, Recreation, Community Development, Other: April 31, 2019

Women's Fund: November 1, 2018


Ongoing deadlines:

Humanities Fund

Angola Fund

Ashley-Hudson Fund

Clear Lake Fund

Fremont Fund

Hamilton Fund

Helmer Fund

Metz Fund

Orland Fund

Pleasant Lake Fund

Salem Center Fund

Upcoming Deadlines

Jan 31, 2019: Education

Mar 4, 2019: Women's Fund

Apr 31, 2019: Arts, Environment, Recreation, Community Dev., Other


If you are a first-time applicant or have questions about the grant process, contact our program officer, Jacqui Gentile.


Recent Grant Stories

Check out the News tab on our website for recent grantee success stories and learn about projects that benefit Steuben County.


Pleasant Lake Elementary students enjoy  new playground equipment, made possible by a grant from the Pleasant Lake Fund.