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Women's Fund

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In 1999, Lucille Whitman started the Women’s Fund with a vision of providing services that would improve the lives of women and children. Lucille wanted women to know that with a little hard work, they can get ahead in life. The Women’s Fund was inspired by Lucille’s own journey through life. Lucille worked a variety of odd jobs to support her daughter. Throughout life, she took risks and worked her way up to owning a beauty shop and opening 6 dress stores in Indianapolis, Angola, Butler, and Kendallville. Lucille lived to be over 100 years old, and her love for style and fashion was evident throughout her lifetime.


Another investment in the women of Steuben County came from Wava Aughenbaugh in 2005. Wava started as a floor credit clerk and then worked her way up to foreman at GE. In 1969, this type of promotion was rare for a woman, and she encouraged other women to devote time and energy in their careers.


Today, the Women’s Fund advisors review grant requests from nonprofit organizations that serve women and girls in Steuben County. Our community is extremely grateful for the generosity of women like Lucille Whitman and Wava Aughenbaugh, and the commitment of the Women’s Fund volunteer advisors.

Grant Spotlight

Steuben County women have a new option for receiving free healthcare. With support of a grant for $12,000 from the Women’s Fund of Steuben County Community Foundation, Cameron Hospital opened the Women's Health STI Clinic on August 1st, 2018. Women are able to receive free, confidential testing, with treatment available through the clinic for women who receive a positive test result and their partners. Additional information on safe sex, the impact of STIs, and counseling is available through the clinic as well.


Read additional recent grant stories on our news page.

Wava Lucille

Lucille Whitman

Wava & Dan Aughenbaugh