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What are the advantages of using a community foundation?


First and foremost, a community foundation represents simplicity. Your local community foundation acts as a "one-stop shop" for all your charitable giving needs. Gifts to a community foundation also receive the maximum tax advantages for income, gift, and estate tax purposes. A community foundation can also be very flexible in that they can receive unique assets, including grain and collectibles. Finally a community foundation offers permanence, ensuring that your gift and legacy will last forever.


How can I give?


Donors may give to existing funds or establish a charitable fund by contributing a variety of assets. Community endowment funds, allow gifts to grow and be leveraged with other gifts, allowing larger grants with greater impact. Donors may also recommend grants through their own funds to charitable 501c(3) organizations they want to support.

I always thought foundations were for affluent people. Can I give

a small amount through SCCF?


Yes, you can support any of the 200+ funds held at SCCF at any time. However, there is a $10,000 minimum to establish a new named fund ($25,000 for scholarship funds). Click here to donate now!

Where does SCCF get the money to award grants and scholarships?


All money managed by SCCF is voluntarily donated by individuals, families, and/or business via cash, publicly traded stocks/ securities, tangible personal property, life insurance, etc. Gifts are then permanently endowed and then the earnings are given for grants and scholarships.

What is a fund?


An ideal opportunity for you to create a legacy for you, your family, and your community. SCCF offers donors the ability to name, contribute, and decide the purpose of the fund. For information on starting a fund contact Jennifer Danic. 

May I have my financial advisor work with you?


Yes, at SCCF we encourage donors to work with a financial advisor because a professional advisor assists clients in achieving their philanthropic goals or plans for their final estate. Financial Advisors have the ability to walk clients through tax implications or other goals of their estate. SCCF is happy to work with a Financial Advisor to fulfill a donors wishes.

How do fundraisers affect SCCF?


85% of SCCF's annual budget is earned through modest management fees assessed on all of its funds. The remaining 15% is raised through an annual campaign. Donors, or groups of volunteers, can independently host events to raise money for a specific fund help at SCCF. Please take a look at our fundraising guidelines.


Where is all my money going? Where could my money go?


All donations given to SCCF is designated by the donor. If a purpose is not stated, the SCCF Board determines where that money is allocated.

What are community funds, and how can I apply?


In 1999 the Steuben County Community Foundation extended a challenge to the communities of Steuben County to form "community funds" to help deal with issues and concerns that were distinct to their own community and to provide grantmaking. Since that time ten communities (Angola, Clear Lake, Fremont, Hamilton, Helmer, Metz, Orland, Pleasant Lake, and Salem Center) have established "Community Funds" at the SCCF. Each community fund is at various levels of activity. The SCCF is continuously working with the ten local advisory committees to increase and strengthen their funds and grantmaking capabilities. Please visit our Grants page to review the community fund applications. Please note the drop off location on your application.

How is a donor-advised fund different than a private foundation?


To find out how a donor advised fund is different than a private foundation click here.

What are the financial and tax advantages of gifting through SCCF?


SCCF is a 501c(3) organization, tax#35-187065. Tax deductions are earned at the time the gift is made, while grants from investment earnings continue into the future. For instructions on wiring and transferring, click here.

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