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How do I apply for a grant?


You can apply for one of our grants by simply visiting our Grants Application page.

Who selects grant recipients?


The Board of Directors makes all final decisions on grant recipients, but they utilize a committee of volunteers to review the applications, host site visits, and make recommendations.

How do I make grants with my donor-advised funds?


Each year, when investment earning becomes available, a donor may recommend grants from the available earnings. Donor must sign this form to signify where their earning will be used, and this must be approved by the Steuben County Community Foundation board. Click here to access the Donor Advised Grant Recommendation Form. 

Before I submit an application, should I talk with a SCCF staff person

to make sure my funding request is appropriate and a match with

funding opportunities?


You are encouraged to talk with a staff or board member prior to your submisssion. Contact Jacqui Gentile with any questions.

Can my organization submit multiple requests to multiple funding

sources in one year?


Motivated and worthy projects will always be considered for funding. If you have any questions about applying for a grant, contact Jacqui Gentile.

If our organization submits an application and is declined funding,

can we reapply?


If not approved, the Foundation will give you specific feedback on the proposal's review. Remember, "no" doesn't mean "never".

How do I report that our organization has completed our grant project?


Grantees can complete their final grant reports through the online grants portal where they initially applied. For grantees who applied before July 2019, you can download the final grant report form here.

We recieved a grant from a donor-advised fund; how may we

personally contact the donor?


Although we do not share donor information, SCCF will share any appropriate message your organization would like to give to the donor.

How should we recognize our organization's grant? And, where can

we get the correct logo(s)?


For information regarding logos, boilerplates, etc. visit our media page. If you have any furthur questions, contact JoAnna Ness.

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