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How do I apply for a scholarship?


The SCCF uses an only scholarship management software. To apply for a scholarship, visit our Donor Established Scholarships page.

Who selects the scholarship recipients?


The Board of Directors makes all final decisions on scholarship recipients, but they utilize a committee of volunteers to review the applications and make recommendations.

What is the timeline for scholarship decisions and notification?


The scholarship season begins in November, and ends in January. Notifications will be sent in May to scholarship award winners after board approval. Scholarships are awarded directly to the College or University the student plans to attend.

May I receive awards from more than one scholarship?


Yes. In fact, applying for multiple scholarships is encouraged.

Am I eligible to apply?


At SCCF, our scholarships cover a wide range of students. As you begin your application process, you will be asked a series of questions to match you with the scholarships you are qualified for. If you believe you have been paired incorrectly, contact Jacqui Gentile, or call our office at (260) 665-6656.

What can scholarship awards be used for?


A scholarship can be used for any educational expense as outlined by the IRS. If a scholarship has a specific purpose, it will be outlined on the scholarships cover page.

I'm a non- traditional student, can I still apply for scholarships

at the Steuben County Community Foundation?


Non- traditional students can be described in a variety of ways such as those who have earned a GED instead of a high school diploma, are currently attending college, and those who have been out of school for a while (with or without college credit) and wish to return. There are scholarships available specifically for non-traditional students at the SCCF.

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Donor Emilyn Hughes and her scholarship recipient at the 2014 Scholarship Dinner.