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Steuben County Fiber Network

History of SCFN


In the 1990s, a group of individuals in Steuben County thought about the growing importance of internet access. It was determined that Steuben County Community Foundation (SCCF) would be the best organization to spearhead the effort to bring fiber to the area. The Steuben County Fiber Network, formerly known as iMAN, was established as a Type 1 supporting organization at SCCF in 2001.

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A Program Related Investment


For SCCF, an investment in a community-wide fiber network aligns with our mission to improve quality of life in Steuben County by providing schools, government buildings, nonprofits, and local businesses with access to reliable and fast information transferal.


As of 2019, SCFN employs 170 miles of dark fiber with 181 connections. In return for its investment, SCCF enjoys a reliable source of funding for its annual operations as well as community grantmaking.

Learn More About SCFN


If you're interested in getting connected to SCFN or learning more about fiber, visit its website at


For more information the fiber network's relationship with SCCF and how the fiber network impacts our community, contact the Steuben County Community Foundation at [email protected] or at (260) 665-6656.


For further information on how to get connected, or technical issues with your current connection, contact Bill Geiger, the network manager at (260) 668-3111.