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Finance and Investment Committee

The investment committee recommends policies that protect the organization's assets and policies that govern the management of investments.


Committee consists of not less than four and no more than seven members. Committee members are expected to attend and participate at meetings. Members will become inactive if three unexcused abscences occur in any 12- month period. Board or committee members, staff or donors may suggest new candidates for inclusion to the group.


Ad hoc members may include the Foundation's CPA/ accountant/ auditor.




  • Safeguarding the organization's endowment funds available for grant distribution.

  • Develop contractural agreements, investment guidlines, and contingency plans for sudden organizational trauma.

  • Helping the full board understand the organization's investment affairs.

  • At least annually, review money managers for performance, and make recommendations to the board of directors for action, if any.

  • At least annually, create and/ or review the Investment Policy.

  • Notify the committee chair, or the foundation office, if for some reason you cannot attend the scheduled meetings.