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Here's what our customers are saying...

Vernon E. Schoore


"Prior to SCFN we were restricted to Frontier DSL and internet connectivity was abysmal for even a small business like ours… we checked into Mediacom and they wanted over $8,000 to install at our location, so we continued to struggle until someone from Tyden/Brooks  (in our industrial park) mentioned SCFN!  Bill Geiger came in and pitched the entry level and future capability of SCFN and we were sold immediately, and the install cost was about a 1/3 of the cost… we started out at a basic throughput level and as our company and connectivity needs have grown, we simply make a call to increase our bandwidth and SCFN makes it happen! Downtime has been very rare, and throughput is consistent… so in summary, I would say we are happy with the service and know that SCFN will be able to support us as we grow in size and complexity as a company."


Susan Ralston

Owner, Jacob Insurance Service LLC

"When I first learned SCFN connection was soon to be available to our agency, I knew we were going to be one of their first contracted users.  In order to serve our customers to the level they deserve, reliability in connecting with our vendors and insurance companies is a must in our line of business. This was the first step in providing “peace of mind” to our deserving client base while establishing this same assurance in our own customer service action plan. Bill Geiger, Jad Donaldson and the Steuben County Community Foundation have done an outstanding job in meeting every expectation I could ask for in answering any and all questions presented with response time that is second to none.  What an amazing asset SCFN is to our community!"


Kristopher Keen, MA, MEng

Chief Information Officer, Cameron Memorial Community Hospital

"Cameron Community Hospital has always been a forward thinking and progressive hospital.  It is imperative to providing the best possible patient care to every patient every time.  For Cameron, SCFN is an essential tool to providing the best possible care for each and every patient that walks through the hospital doors.  We want to do what makes sense for the community and our hospital, and we feel that SCFN will meet the hospital's needs for many years to come."


Tyler Condon

IT Consultant - Univertical LLC

CTO/Partner – SabreTech Consulting LLC

"We have had nothing but positive experiences with SCFN.  In the modern business environment, digital communications are crucial and having access to a reliable, high speed, and low latency network from SCFN is critical to Univertical. As an IT Consultant, I work with numerous ISPs and telcos in many geographic areas and I can honestly say I prefer SCFN over every other network.  As an IT Administrator, access to timely and highly experienced network support from our ISP is critical and SCFN sets the bar in this area."


David Van Aken


"As with any business; you strive to plan for the future.  With having the option of fiber optics to your premises; the doors are held a lot more widely open.  For a small community, the addition of fiber has brought us up the ladder a lot further.  With the whole Internet of Things and growing technology; we really don’t know where all this can take us.  The key point is that we have an infrastructure in place that can now be grown out.  Without this backbone in place; we may have still been living in the dark ages."

For Customers

SCFN is a great option for local businesses and nonprofits when considering their connectivity needs. Currently SCFN is only available for commercial use. Contact us to find out if SCFN is an option for your organization.

Fee structure

Examples of multiple community combinations

  • Ashley/Hudson to/from Fremont

  • Ashley/Hudson to/from Hamilton

  • Ashley/Hudson to/from Orland

  • Fremont to/from Hamilton

  • Fremont to/from Orland

  • Hamilton to/from Orland



If customer's current digital service agreement has expired and the customer continues to connect to the Steuben County Fiber Network, the customer will be assessed 10% surcharge of the new fee structure taking effect on 1/1/2017 until a new digital service agreement is executed.

Fee Structure

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