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Humanities Fund Advisors



The Humanities Fund exists to increase awareness of, and participation in, the many facets of the humanities.




The Committee is comprised of representatives from many of the humanities disciplines such as theater, dance, art, music, literature, history, etc…to represent a diverse constituency.  The committee should total no less than 11 members or more than 20.  At least one should be an active member of the SCCF board of directors, and one should be an active staff member.  Active participation from young people is encouraged; therefore it will be the committee’s goal to include representatives from Tri-State University, Angola High School, Fremont High School, and Hamilton High School (appointed by the school).


Advisors to the fund may, from time to time, be asked to participate in the raising of additional dollars to the fund.  Advisors also make recommendations of grant distributions to the Foundation’s board of directors.




Each advisor is asked to serve a two-year term with the option of renewing two times, for a total of six years.




Recruited by advisors to reflect the various humanities disciplines.




The committee will generally meet a minimum of nine (9) times each year; typically eliminating meetings during the months of July, August, and December.  Notify the committee chair, or the foundation office if for some reason you cannot attend the scheduled meetings.



  • Respect confidentiality of applicants and practice discretion.

  • Actively participate and review grant applications to determine that complete and accurate information has been received.

  • Select and recommend recipients based on approved SCCF criteria.

  • Notify the recipients in a timely and friendly manner of their award and the responsibilities for accepting such an award.

  • Review selection criteria from time to time, and offer suggestions.



  • Propose new and exciting ideas for Steuben County to appreciate Humanities in the areas of dance, theater, art, storytelling/folklore, history, literature, crafts, cuisine, cultural activities, philosophy, etc…

  • Practice active participation in any fundraising events coordinated by the advisors and the Foundation and encourage others to participate in Humanities projects in Steuben County.

  • Help nominate, and select, the recipient of the annual Mayor’s Arts & Humanities Award.

  • Act as an advocate of the Humanities Fund at the Foundation; providing information to the public regarding its activities.