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iMAN deploys dark fiber in rural Indiana, creating a high-speed, large bandwidth data infrastructure to support both new and existing business opportunities. iMAN's philanthropic partnership with the community provides economic and technical support to the residents of Northeastern Indiana.

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We have had nothing but positive experiences with iMAN.  In the modern business environment, digital communications are crucial and having access to a reliable, high speed, and low latency network from iMAN is critical to Univertical.


As an IT Consultant, I work with numerous ISPs and telcos in many geographic areas and I can honestly say I prefer iMAN over every other network.  As an IT Administrator, access to timely and highly experienced network support from our ISP is critical and iMAN sets the bar in this area.



Tyler Condon

IT Consultant - Univertical LLC

CTO/Partner – SabreTech Consulting LLC

As with any business; you strive to plan for the future.  With having the option of fiber optics to your premises; the doors are held a lot more widely open.  For a small community, the addition of fiber has brought us up the ladder a lot further.  With the whole Internet of Things and growing technology; we really don’t know where all this can take us.  The key point is that we have an infrastructure in place that can now be grown out.  Without this backbone in place; we may have still been living in the dark ages.




David Van Aken




iManage is the exclusive contractor on the iMAN fiber network. For more information on how to get connected, contact Bill Geiger at (260) 668-3111.


Steuben County Community Foundation

For more information on iMAN and how the fiber network impacts our community, contact Jennifer Danic at (260)665-6656.