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iMAN currently has over 63 customers and over 122 connections! Check out the interactive map below to see our existing connections.

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Organization Information: (260) 665-6656


Technical Support: (260) 668-3111


iMAN deploys dark fiber in rural Indiana, creating a high-speed, large bandwidth data infrastructure to support both new and existing business opportunities. iMAN's philanthropic partnership with the community provides economic and technical support to the residents of Northeastern Indiana.

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iMan has made a significant impact on how Aptica delivers technology solutions to the customer networks we manage.  Aptica has expanded the services and solutions we offer our clients because of the fast and stable Internet connection provided by iMan.  We have seen the limited Internet opportunities in other communities and how this can negatively affect business.   Steuben County is extremely fortunate to have such a valuable and independent resource in our own back yard.



Jason R. Newburg

Aptica, LLC

Cameron Community Hospital has always been a forward thinking and progressive hospital.  It is imperative to providing the best possible patient care to every patient every time.  For Cameron, IMAN is an essential tool to providing the best possible care for each and every patient that walks through the hospital doors.  We want to do what makes sense for the community and our hospital, and we feel that IMAN will meet the hospitals needs for many years to come.



Kristopher Keen, MA, MEng

Chief Information Officer, Cameron Memorial Community Hospital