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Fiber provides greater bandwidth- the unit of measurement in which data is transferred- allowing faster speeds and greater capacity. Take a look at the comparison -  

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iMAN deploys dark fiber in rural Indiana, creating a high-speed, large bandwidth data infrastructure to support both new and existing business opportunities. iMAN's philanthropic partnership with the community provides economic and technical support to the residents of Northeastern Indiana.

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Prior to iMan we were restricted to Frontier DSL and internet connectivity was abysmal for even a small business like ours… we checked into Mediacom and they wanted over $8,000 to install at our location, so we continued to struggle until someone from Tyden/Brooks  (in our industrial park) mentioned iMan!  Bill Geiger came in and pitched the entry level and future capability of iMan and we were sold immediately, and the install cost was about a 1/3 of the cost… we started out at a basic throughput level and as our company and connectivity needs have grown, we simply make a call to increase our bandwidth and iMan makes it happen!


Downtime has been very rare, and throughput is consistent… so in summary, I would say we are happy with the service and know that iMan will be able to support us as we grow in size and complexity as a company.

Vernon E. Schoore


When I first learned iMAN connection was soon to be available to our agency, I knew we were going to be one of their first contracted users.  In order to serve our customers to the level they deserve, reliability in connecting with our vendors and insurance companies is a must in our line of business. This was the first step in providing “peace of mind” to our deserving client base while establishing this same assurance in our own customer service action plan.  

Bill Geiger, Jad Donaldson and the Steuben County Community Foundation have done an outstanding job in meeting every expectation I could ask for in answering any and all questions presented with response time that is second to none.  What an amazing asset iMAN is to our community!



Susan Ralston

Owner, Jacob Insurance Service LLC

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Community Benefits

Communities want the best infrastructure so they can receive the best services and attract investment for economic growth.


In today’s information age a community’s communication infrastructure is just as important as its roads and electrical infrastructure.


Businesses need more and more online services as well, including VoIP (voice over internet protocol telephones), streaming video, offsite data storage, video conferencing, and cloud computing, but they also need a technological workforce that is connected at school and home.


A fiber infrastructure helps promote economic development because it provides businesses, schools, libraries, hospitals, and government buildings access to the best communications infrastructure available.

Open Access vs Managed Networks

Open Access vs Managed Networks