What is FIBER?

Fiber is the newest, fastest technology is data transmission.

It is used like telephone lines or coaxial cable but actually

conveys data in the form of light pulses through a hair-like

strand of extruded glass; only the transmission equipment

limits it from moving faster than the speed of light, making it

the greatest infrastructure development since electricity in

the 1800’s.


Fiber provides greater bandwidth- the unit of measurement in

which data is transferred- allowing faster speeds and greater capacity.

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How is iMAN different?

As an open access network, iMan is able to do many things managed networks can't. For example while most technology companies return profits to shareholders, iMan exists to return profits to the community through the Steuben County Community Foundation. In addition iMan has reduced rates for government and nonprofit organizations, and is able to manage bandwidth per customer.

Can I get iMAN for my home?

Currently iMan is only available for commercial use. However, with further investment we hope to offer residential services at some point in the future.

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Organization Information: (260) 665-6656


Technical Support: (260) 668-3111


iMAN deploys dark fiber in rural Indiana, creating a high-speed, large bandwidth data infrastructure to support both new and existing business opportunities. iMAN's philanthropic partnership with the community provides economic and technical support to the residents of Northeastern Indiana.

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