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In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors running and cycling—a throwback to her time at Indiana University where she rode in the famous Little 500 bike race.


For the last 7 years, she has been serving the community through her job as Director of Member Services at Steuben County REMC. Between Operation Round Up® and corporate sponsorships, she had the opportunity to be a part of many projects that benefit the community. She is especially passionate about the education of youth through career development and quality, affordable childcare. Jaime is hoping to use her board experience to improve Steuben County on both accounts and encourage the existing economic development initiatives.


Jaime has met many people who are passionate about Steuben County—from entrepreneurs to legislators to community members; everyone who lives and works here is committed to this community, making it a special place call home. She looks forward to experiencing the variety of opinions, jobs, backgrounds, and perspectives represented on the SCCF board. In addition to the SCCF board, Jaime is the President of the Junior Achievement serving Steuben County board and currently teaches JA. She also serves on the Angola Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors and is the Vice President of the Marketing, Member Services and Communicators’ board for all electric co-ops in the state of Indiana. She is the secretary of the REMC’s Operation Round Up® and the past chair of the Young Professionals Network of Steuben County.  


Jaime hopes to live out the REMC principle of “concern for community” through her service on the SCCF Board of Directors.

Jaime Walker

Board of Directors

Scholarship Committee



“Many people don’t necessarily understand the depth of what the Steuben County Community Foundation does for this community. I hope to spread this message to others and get the next generation of leaders engaged.”


Jaime Walker is new to the Board of Directors at SCCF, but she has been an active part of the area for many years. She grew up in Auburn, Indiana, and currently lives in Edon, Ohio, with her husband, Clynt, and daughter, Sydney.

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