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Jim enjoys working with people and making projects happen. He was asked to join the SCCF board by Carl Swift—his former principal, superintendent, and coach from high school! Because he was familiar with what SCCF does for the community and he believed in the mission, he decided it was a good fit. In his time with SCCF, he has gotten involved in the restoration project at South Scott Church. He’s enjoyed the opportunity to bring back to life a church that multiple generations of his family has attended.


In addition to the SCCF board, Jim also serves on the Board of Trustees at the YMCA, the board at South Scott Church, the Economic Development Corporation in Hamilton, and the Farmer’s State Bank board as well as multiple FSB committees.


In his free time, Jim enjoys spending time on the farm, playing golf, and hunting a little in the fall.


Jim believes the people who live in Steuben County are all involved in the community—and for the right reasons. Growing up here, he feels a special calling to continue to support the area and make it a great place to live. He is proud of the things SCCF has accomplished, and is confident that the organization will continue to do great work in the community.

Jim Ingledue


Board of Directors



“I enjoy being part of what the foundation does for the community. Where I can help, I try to do so.”


Jim grew up in Hamilton, Indiana and lives there today with his wife, Pat. He attended college in Adrian, Michigan and then earned his master’s degree at the University of St. Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Jim was a teacher, and then became a school guidance counselor. Eventually, he started a construction company that worked on a variety of projects in the area. Jim recently sold the business, but remains very involved in its projects.