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Jonathan Walmer

Board of Directors

Scholarship Committee


“I really like that the Community Foundation serves as a hub where people can come to find ways to reach out to organizations and causes close to their heart.”


One of our newest board members, Jonathan Walmer, grew up in Warsaw, Indiana, and attended Tri-State, now Trine University, where he studied business and played baseball. He graduated in 2004, then returned later to work in admissions and coach baseball. During this time, he also started teaching finance, economics, and accounting classes—just for fun! Jonathan also earned his MBA from the University of St Francis in Fort Wayne in 2009, and which led him to pursue a career in banking.

Since 2013, Jonathan has worked at Wells Fargo, now as a Senior Credit Analyst.


Jonathan has also served on SCCF’s scholarship committee since 2012. He says the scholarship committee was a natural fit after working with Trine admissions, and he is always encouraged by seeing the young talent coming out of high schools. Jonathan is also proud of the Community Foundation’s role in supporting FIST, and he has enjoyed seeing young people get involved and become part of something life changing. He looks forward to continuing to create awareness of the Community Foundation and share how people and nonprofits can benefit in perpetuity from SCCF endowments.


On sunny days, Jonathan, his wife, and their 3 children love spending time either on the lake or at the pool. In addition to volunteering with SCCF, Jonathan is the Vice President of Junior Achievement serving Steuben County and active with Sonlight Community Church. He loves the close-knit, small community of Steuben County, where people can also enjoy the benefits of living near a great community resource like Trine University and just a short drive from bigger cities.