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Now, Julie serves in a variety of roles at the Sheriff’s Office including the Office/Financial manager, and head of the warrants and civil division, in addition to being the matron of the jail. Her husband, Tim Troyer is the Steuben County Sheriff. Next year, he will serve as President of the Indiana Sheriff’s Association.


Julie joined the board because she see what’s going on in the community through a different perspective as a result of her work with the Sheriff’s Office. She has a unique understanding of the way others think and live, and she thinks this is an asset when it comes to making decisions that will contribute to the best future for Steuben County.


One challenge Julie hopes to address through her time with SCCF is to support a variety of post-high school educational opportunities. She believes in the work SCCF has done with the City of Angola to promote vocational schools and encourage students to receive hands on experience and skills training. When students understand that there are many options in addition to college, she thinks the community at large can benefit.


Julie’s favorite projects at SCCF have been the large capacity building grants, such as the one received by the Community Humane Shelter. These grants provided an opportunity for SCCF to dig deep and challenge both nonprofits and the Community Foundation to make sure they were working as efficiently and effectively as possible. She thinks one of the most difficult parts of serving on the board is to ensure that grants are really making a difference, and these opportunities made it clear that SCCF can successfully improve life in Steuben County.


Outside of her job and board service, Julie is busy raising a baseball playing son and a college student, as well as keeping up with her oldest child and his family in Georgia. When she has the free time, she enjoys reading, old classic movies, birdwatching, and travel.


In contrast to her busy life, Julie loves that Steuben County is still quiet. She thinks the lack of traffic, busyness, and noise are an easily overlooked asset that makes this a great place to live.

Julie Troyer


Vice - Chair, Board of Directors


“I see segments of society who don’t even know they need help, and some of these needs can be addressed by the foundation. I think I can bring a voice for those people to help them have a better life.”


Julie Troyer has shared her voice with the SCCF Board of Directors since 2012. Originally from Coldwater Michigan, she attended Quincy High School before taking classes in Sociology and Business at Western Michigan University. She was hired by the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office in Angola and has worked there for 23 years.