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Kevin Stoy

Board of Directors

Finance and Investment Committee


“We (Steuben County) are a family.  We may not be the most advantaged, but we genuinely care about each other.”


Kevin Stoy has served on the SCCF Board of Directors since 2008, including two years as Chairman of the Board. His family has been an important part of the Steuben County community for generations. Kevin graduated from Angola High School and studied Business Management at Indiana University, Bloomington. He then returned to Stoy Farms to work alongside his two brothers.




Kevin provides a valuable voice for farmers and families on the SCCF Board of Directors and on the Ashley Hudson Community Fund board. Additionally, he has also served on the board of Steuben County Fiber Network (formerly known as iMAN) and has been involved with the Pleasant Lake Lions Club. He was a board chair during the initiative to grow and develop Steuben County Fiber Network. Kevin has also worked to encourage SCCF to be strategic with grant dollars and make significant investments in the community.


Kevin and his wife, Bridget, have four daughters. Kevin enjoys golfing in his free time, even though he’s not very good at it. He’d love to golf more and work less.