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Resources for Media

We’re glad you’d like to share information about SCCF. Whether you’re a not-for-profit recognizing SCCF support, a member of the media, or just looking for additional information about SCCF, here’s where you’ll find:

  • Boilerplate copy about SCCF for use in your publications and programs

  • Media contact information

Boilerplate copy about SCCF

Through philanthropic services, strategic investments and community leadership, Steuben County Community Foundation helps people support the causes they care about, now and for generations to come. The Steuben County Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization with assets totaling more than $27.6 million. Our vision: Serving as a community leader and improving the quality of life by assessing, supporting and coordinating philanthropic giving and endowment building. Our mission: Connecting people who care with needs that matter to our community.


For more information on the Foundation, call (260) 665-6656 or visit our website at

Media Contact Info

For media inquiries, including interview requests and additional information about SCCF and its affiliates, please contact Jennifer Danic, President and CEO, at (260) 665-6656 or [email protected]

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