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Our Vision

Serving as a community leader and improving the quality of life by assessing, supporting and coordinating philanthropic giving and endowment building.

Our Mission

Our Values

"Connecting people who care with needs that matter to our community."

We believe that…

  • It is our responsibility to promote philanthropy throughout our communities

  • Our business operates with honesty & integrity

  • We have great potential, which includes taking risks, recognizing and learning from failures and celebrating and building on success

  • The youth of our community is a valuable resource and we should help them reach their potential

  • It is important to encourage and support the visions of constituents we serve

  • We will serve our communities creatively through the use of our funds and other resources

  • Diversity and inclusion are a vital part of our community and we embrace their many opportunities

Donor Arthur Eberhardt with President and CEO Jennifer Danic