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Congratulations, 2018 Scholarship Recipients!

By JoAnna Ness, Jun 12 2018 06:43PM

On Tuesday, June 5th, the Steuben County Community Foundation was filled with smiles as a group of scholarship recipients met with the generous donors supporting their future. The donors shared stories about what had inspired them to create a scholarship at the Community Foundation. In some cases, it was a commitment to pay it forward. Others wanted to honor the inspiring legacy of a loved one. For the donors, it was exciting to see students who had deep passions for something they both valued. Recipients were able to personally thank their donors and talk about their plans for their careers.

One student, Regan Peppler, was able to meet the donors for two of her scholarships. The family who established the Kylee Simons Scholarship was thrilled to have a recipient who is interested in teaching special education. Regan shared her excitement for the award, and said, “It was really cool to meet the person giving this scholarship, and I’m grateful for the money which is helping me achieve my goals.”

L-R: Aimee Simons, Kylee Simons, Regan Peppler, & Nate Simons

Regan also received the John Fiandt Scholarship, and she was able to meet with Dan Hochstedler who established the fund. Dan explained, “I started this scholarship in memory of John Fiandt, who was a very good friend and an awesome teacher. We became very close his last several years, and I knew how much education meant to him.” One unique element of this scholarship is how it honors another of John’s passions—reading. Scholarship recipients are given a book from John’s expansive library that fits within their interests.

L-R: Dan Hochstedler and Regan Peppler

Joyce Gutstein shared her delight in meeting the next generation of nursing students who will get training. “I am a retired RN, so I’m very excited that he has the scholarship because it’s quite expensive to go to college. I’m trying to pay if forward and help young people get ahead.” The recipient of her scholarship, Anthony Duvendack, said the support is helping him fulfill a lifelong dream by becoming a nurse.

L-R: Anthony Duvendack, Joyce Gutstein, and Eileen Fulton

For Cheryl Anstett, the scholarship she established is just a starting point for the recipients. “This is my teeny tiny way to help with the cost of education. We can all walk through life, but maybe you need an education to get where you want to be, and this scholarship is just a jump start for their careers.” Emma Gaff, one of the recipients, said it was incredibly meaningful to have someone believe in her and to help further her education.

L-R: Andrea Ledgerwood, Cheryl Anstett, and Emma Gaff

Harley and Charlene Rensch explained that the scholarship is one way for them to celebrate loved ones. “It’s a chance to honor our parents’ memories and continue what they were interested in.” Their father had volunteered at the 4-H fair, both while they were children active in 4-H and continuing afterwards. When he passed, they started the scholarship in his honor. For Trevor Craig, receiving this scholarship is personal. “I grew up doing 4-H and spent all this time in Rensch Hall, so it’s good to put a face with the name and have someone who believes in me and is supporting my education,” said Trevor.

L-R: Harley Rensch, Trevor Craig, and Charlene Rensch

Sharon, who established the Leon Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund, summarized what many of the donors that day remarked. “I’m so glad that we have kids who can use it to go on and continue their education.” Her scholarship will give two students, including Alexandra Cranston, the chance to continue to study and pursue a great education.

L-R: Alexandra Cranston and Sharon Huss

Recipients of the Fourever Friends 2011 Memorial Scholarship expressed their appreciation for the award. One recipient said she was speechless when she found out. Others remarked on how special this particular scholarship felt. “This scholarship was the most meaningful award I received. It means a lot to be able to put this towards my education.”

“In all of them, I see a chance for the boys to live on through their educations,” said Janet Roe.

L-R: Janet Roe, Lisa Bauer, Andrea Ledgerwood, Elizabeth German, Nathaneal Gard, Kylie Worden

Steuben County Community Foundation is proud to congratulate all scholarship recipients, and we continue to be thankful for the generosity of our donors.