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Friendship Park Restroom Project

By JoAnna Ness, Aug 14 2018 02:22PM

A public park is a great place to gather people and enjoy sunshine, green trees, and a fun playground. However, the restrooms at the Friendship Playground made the overall experience a little smellier than was ideal. Recently, Angola Parks & Recreation was able to make some big improvements thanks in part to a fund created at the Steuben County Community Foundation in 1997 by the Angola Parks & Recreation Board. The Angola Parks & Recreation Capital Improvement Fund was established to support the inevitable capital improvements that are needed at any parks department. Over time, with accrued interest and donations from community members, the fund has grown significantly. The Parks & Recreation Department was able to use over $10,000 from the fund to offset the cost of sewer work and construction of brand new restrooms. Now, they are proud to offer new, clean restrooms that improve safety and make visiting the park a more enjoyable experience. For community members and families who recently enjoyed the annual July 4th celebration and fireworks show or chose to spend their Saturday on the monkey bars, the new restrooms are a great improvement.

“With the help of the Steuben County Community Foundation, we had the ability to provide residents with the restrooms compatible with that of a City Park.”

–Matt Hanna, Superintendent of Angola Parks & Recreation