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Reflections from a Founding Board member

By JoAnna Ness, Jan 14 2019 04:00PM

Chuck Sheets, a founding board member, former grants committee member, and longtime champion of Steuben County Community Foundation, recently celebrated his 90th birthday. He hosted a party for family and friends at the SCCF office and asked for contributions to the Community Foundation in lieu of gifts.

We asked Chuck about his involvement with SCCF, and he shared, "When I had the opportunity to be part of the Community Foundation in the beginning, I was awed by the prospect of what this could become. It amazes me now how well the community has supported it, beyond anything we could have imagined. Seeing the people who showed up to my birthday celebration and the gifts they made, it's obvious the Community Foundation has become important to this community. I truly love this community and everything it has to offer."