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Walk Into My Future Event

By JoAnna Ness, Oct 1 2018 08:00AM

SCCF funds recently supported Trine University’s Walk Into My Future event, held in September 2018. Around 1000 kids participated in the event (600 from Steuben County), which is a partnership of YMCA, Trine University, and the Steuben County Economic Development Corporation. Student volunteers from around ten departments showed the kids various college activities. They were introduced to careers at the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering table where they made paper airplanes. Kids ran through activities like hopscotch and track hurdles at the Exercise Science station. The Humanities and Communications Department taught sign language basics, and the Economics department organized a game to learn about wants and needs. The Athletic and Recreation Center at Trine had an atmosphere of controlled chaos and fun as the fourth grade students learned about new opportunities in their future. In total, the event was supported by the Women’s Fund, the Fremont Community Fund, and the Hamilton Community Fund at Steuben County Community Foundation with a grant of $3,325.