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By JoAnna Ness, Jul 29 2019 02:00PM

Recent grants from the Rich and Laura Clifton Fund at Steuben County Community Foundation supported multiple public art projects in the community of Angola. Support for the Mayor’s Arts Council will supplement the costs of leasing 2 sculptures in 2020, ensuring the future of Sculptures Angola. These sculptures were chosen specifically for their welded components, demonstrating that important technical skills may also be used for artistic expression. Additionally, the grant to the Mayor’s Arts Council will support the alley activation and mural projects organized by two high school students, Brooklynn Shively and Teryn Stanley.

The Rich and Laura Clifton Fund also made a grant to the Downtown Angola Coalition for a number of projects in 2019-2020. The grant will support the legacy events hosted by DAC, such as Music on the Square, Angola Art Fest, wagon rides and welcoming Santa to the community.

Rich and Laura Clifton have supported numerous community projects through their donor advised fund at SCCF since it was established in 2013. They shared their reasoning for this grant, saying, “The difference between a good place and a great place is culture. The arts help us understand history, embrace diversity of view, and broaden our insight. As Angola grows we choose to pursue a great place to visit and live.”

Maria Davis, Downtown Services Coordinator for the City of Angola, shared, “We are grateful to the Steuben County Community Foundation and philanthropists Rich and Laura Clifton. Through their generosity, we’ll be able to do some incredibly positive educational and creative projects.”

Individuals can establish donor advised funds through Steuben County Community Foundation to learn about upcoming local initiatives and support projects that benefit the community.

By JoAnna Ness, Jul 25 2019 06:09PM

Women in Transition is a local nonprofit in Angola that strives to provide a drug and alcohol free community to help women learn to live free of addiction. WIT offers Moral Reconation Therapy classes (MRT), anger management, AA and NA meetings, and recovery coaching. For Shelly Allen, Executive Director, the opportunity to speak on behalf of WIT and get to know the women is what makes her job meaningful. WIT focuses on maintaining a structured environment with an emphasis on integrity, respect, and accountability. The women have chores and cook for each other, remaining accountable to each other and to Shelly. “We say that when no one’s looking, it’s important they still make the right choice.”

By JoAnna Ness, Jul 12 2019 02:00PM

SCCF is excited to announce the addition of two board members in July 2019.

Kayla Warren has been employed as Controller at Trine University for three and a half years. She moved to Steuben County for college, and has now made it her home with her husband, Noah, and their two children. In addition to learning about additional opportunities for families to get involved in Steuben County, Kayla looks forward to getting to know leaders in the community and learning from their expertise and experiences.

Craig Burkholder is new to the SCCF board, but has been a longtime volunteer on the SCCF grants committee and the Ashley-Hudson Community Fund committee. Craig and his wife, Cheryl, moved to Steuben County when he accepted a position as the pastor at Hudson United Brethren Church in 1989. He was motivated to get involved in the Community Foundation and other volunteer roles by his Christian faith background. He looks forward to working to help nonprofits address root causes of big challenges.

By JoAnna Ness, Jun 20 2019 12:42PM

A nonprofit organization located on Lake James in Angola, Lake James Christian Camp & Retreat Center is celebrating 90 years of youth camps, retreats, and community events this summer. Through offering bible classes and outdoor activities, their mission is spiritual transformation. The outdoor focus has been increasingly important as kids spend more time indoors, immersed in technology. About 300 volunteers support the camp throughout the year, and volunteers of all ages are often invited to join campers in June and July to act as a mentor or a “camp parent” for the week. “Our success is only possible with the help of volunteers. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to function the way that we do,” shared Matt Love, Executive Director.

For Love, one of his favorite parts about working with LJCC is the outdoor focused wilderness camps. They have both on-site and off-site wilderness camps. Another perk is that Love involves his family in the camp activities with opportunities to volunteer and serve campers and guests.

By JoAnna Ness, Jun 10 2019 08:17PM

On Tuesday, June 4th, scholarship recipients and donors gathered for the annual Scholarship Reception held at the Steuben County Community Foundation. Donors shared stories, and scholarship recipients put a face to the scholarship and shared their future plans with someone excited to support them. In some cases, it was a commitment to pay it forward. Others wanted to honor the inspiring legacy of a loved one. For the donors, it was exciting to see students who had deep passions for something they both valued. Students discussed the impact scholarships have on encouraging them to pursue their passions. Clea Miller shared that her scholarship helped her feel community members were investing in her future. Alexis Crawford expressed relief that she and her parents will have less to worry about. “It’s nice to know that there are people in the community who care about education” said Grace Emberton.

Kourtney Fleckenstein, recipient of the Susie Poor Memorial Teaching Scholarship, shared that the scholarship “means a lot to me because it invests in me as a teacher, which means someone already thinks I’ll be great at teaching.” She, like many others in attendance, was able to connect with her donor and understand the story behind her scholarship. Kerrigan Williams received the Leon Huss Memorial Scholarship, a scholarship for those involved in 4-H, and shared her love of horses and animals with her donor, Sharon Huss.