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Phil Meyer


Board of Directors

Grants Committee


“Life is a learning experience. I think it’s important to ask a lot of questions, and I try to do that on the board here.”


Phil Meyer grew up not far from Steuben County, in Avilla, IN. While Phil and his wife, Sharon, were living and working in Bowling Green, they often spent their weekends with her family on Pleasant Lake. When he retired from his engineering career of 40 years at Cooper Standard Auto, they returned to the lake in order to be close to family.

Phil has served on the SCCF board of directors since 2010. He initially joined the board to learn what the foundation does, why people support it, and how it benefits the community. In return, SCCF has benefitted from his ability to ask smart questions that help the organization improve. Phil has also been an active part of the scholarships and the grants committees. This has given him the opportunity to hear about the many talents and big goals of Steuben County students applying for scholarships each year. To ensure that future generations of students are equally prepared for a bright future, Phil supports SCCF initiatives that focus on early childhood, such as education and parental guidance programs.


Before joining the SCCF board, Phil was President of the Lions Club in Pleasant Lake—a role that was inspired by his father-in-law’s service. Phil and Sharon raised three children together, and they still enjoy spending time on the lake in Steuben County. In addition to his board service, Phil enjoys woodworking and giving his time and skills to help other organizations including RISE, Inc. and Pokagon State Park.