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Professional Adivsor Services

The Steuben County Community Foundation (SCCF) offers professional advisors planned giving tools that enhance their ability to impact their clients, by offering them ways to meet their charitable and estate planning needs.


Through education and training opportunities, we help professional advisors raise their level of expertise concerning trends in and methods of charitable giving. For more information on how to instruct your client contact Jennifer Danic.


1) Your clients want to know their charitable contributions are making a difference


Supporting a community one loves is a powerful motivator and can often be the most compelling reason for giving to the Steuben County Community Foundation. Because our staff, committee members, and board of directors live in Steuben County, they understand how local and regional issues affect the community as a whole. They also keep in close contact with nonprofit agencies throughout the area. Our broad perspective and local knowledge assure that Foundation grants will always be targeted where they can do the most good. And donors have the opportunity to create funds with specific, highly focused goals.


2) Your clients want to integrate their charitable giving and their financial & estate planning


As a professional advisor, you have the opportunity to help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals as effectively as possible. In addition, through charitable giving which offers unique tax benefits, you have an opportunity to help your clients achieve other financial, personal, and business goals. In fact, through planned giving that integrates philanthropy with overall financial and estate planning, you can ensure that your clients are receiving the full benefit of their charitable contributions while supporting the charities of their choice.


3) Your clients want opportunities to learn about community needs and to be connected with other donors


Donor education is an increasingly important service offered by community foundations. SCCF staff can help your clients research charities of interest, learn about unmet needs in the community, participate in site visits to local charitable projects and programs, and understand what other funders- both institutional and individual- are doing to help address those needs.

What Your Client Wants