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Steuben County Community Foundation Board



  • Establish and implement a process for assessing the performance of the CEO. Review compensation and benefits issues, serve as sounding board for sensitive staff issues, determine mutually agreed-upon performance goals.

  • Create a strategic plan for the organization. Major recommendations are presented to the full board for action.

  • Oversee financial tasks such as major purchases, insurance, contracts, approval of salary and benefits guidelines. Duplicate signatures are required on checks over $5,000; Executive Committee members will be called upon to perform second signature duty from time to time.

  • Ensure a financial audit form an independent accountant occurs each year; assist with document preparation as needed.

  • Unless a separate search committee is called for, the executive committee ususally assumes the lead in replacing the CEO. The candidate will then be presented to the full board for approval.

  • Should address and adopt policies relating to values & ethics; conflicts of interest, code of ethics, rules of good standards and best practices, ect...

  • Evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the board of directors as a whole, making sure it carries out its fiduciary responsibilities. Keep board meetings focused on appropriate topics.

  • Establish all other taskforces or ad hoc committees as needed.

  • Notify the committee chair, or the office, if for some reason you cannot attend the scheduled meetings.