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Sherry Holiday


Board of Directors

Scholarship Committee


“Even after serving on the SCCF board for several years, I continue to be amazed by all the worthwhile things the board and the community have accomplished while working together.”


Sherry Holiday grew up near Steuben County, originally from the Stroh area. She went to school at Prairie Heights, and then she moved to Steuben County when she married her husband, Ronnie. Sherry started working at Farmers State Bank in LaGrange after graduating, and she has held a variety of roles at FSB locations in LaGrange, Stroh, Ashley, and Angola ever since. Sherry has worked as bookkeeper, bank teller, loan

officer, assistant branch manager, and is now the branch manager in the Angola office.  


In addition to her career, Sherry has demonstrated her commitment in the past 6 years while she has served on the SCCF board. Sherry says she felt honored to be asked to be serve at such a worthwhile organization. For the past 3 years, she has also been on the scholarship committee, and she is always impressed by the quality of the students who apply.


Sherry has volunteered for a variety of organizations in the community in addition to SCCF. She has either served or is still serving on the boards of Steuben County REMC Operation Round Up, Steuben County United Way, Ashley Hudson grant committee, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and as a member of the Angola Chamber of Commerce.


In her free time, Sherry enjoys the company of her two children and her grandchildren who live in the area. She thinks Steuben County is a great place to live because it has many activities that are family-friendly.