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Types of Funds

Designated Funds- are designed at inception to serve a specific beneficiary organization or project. Permanent designated funds provide annual, automatic grants that allow donors to support the organization of their choice forever. Read more about a designated fund here.


Donor-Advised Funds- are established by donors who wish to participate in the grantmaking process by making recommendations to the Steuben County Community Foundation's board of directors. Download the form here.


Field of Interest- provide support to programs within a specific field such as the Arts, Health care, Economic Development. or geographic region.


Scholarship Funds- can be used to help pay tuition or other expenses for those seeking higher education.


Unrestricted Funds- give the Steuben County Community Foundation the flexibility to respond to new programs, emergency needs, innovative activities that might otherwise might not receive funding from traditional sources. SCCF utilizes a committee of volunteers to review applications, along with offering proactive grants some local initiatives.


Foundation Operating Fund- The Steuben County Community Foundation Operating Fund enables the Foundation to meet the needs of donors and the community by enlisting staff, supporting the facility, and providing resources to help meet the needs of the residents of Steuben County.

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Interested in starting a fund?


Establishment of a fund is easy, convenient, and inexpensive; it can be done in less time than it takes to open a bank account. We take care of all the administrative activities, allowing you to focus on being the grant maker!

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Bike 101 Lakes is an annual bike ride to benefit the Indiana Humanities Council Fund and Heart of the Arts Scholarship.