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Forever Improving Steuben County Together

FIST emerged in 1996 as a program of the Dekko Foundation, whose desire was to encourage the next generation of philanthropy.


As of 2015, FIST reemerged to take on the problems of our new, tech savvy generation of young people. FIST has completely changed their mission statement and goals to better fit the needs of these evolved youth. FIST is composed of 15 middle and high school students in grades 8-12 from Hamilton, Fremont, and Angola schools. Together, they use energy and intelligence to solve problems and overcome the challenges young people  like them endure on a daily basis.



Mission Statement:


F.I.S.T seeks to empower the youth of Steuben County to pursue life aspirations, practive digital citizenship, and ignite a sense of pupose.


Contact Information:


If you need additional information, please call the office and ask for our Youth Philanthropy Coordinator at 260-665-6656.

FIST Members


Learn More About FIST Fist Conference November 2016 1187

FIST at the 2016 Connect Effect conference with their partners.