Meet the team

Kathleen Armstrong

Board of Directors
Grants Committee

“I’m always looking to improve my knowledge and I knew that the board here functions at a very high level, so when I was invited, I was excited to get involved.”

Many people in Steuben County have a passion for community, and Kathy Armstrong is certainly among the best. Born and raised in Steuben County, she went on to study English Literature, Journalism, and Secondary Education at IU Bloomington.

Combined with her Master’s in Public Administration, her education and community background prepared Kathy for a leadership role in the Steuben County nonprofit sector. She ran the Steuben County Literacy Coalition for 15 years, during which she worked closely with SCCF as a grantee and participant in SCCF training opportunities. Kathy currently works as the coordinator of Steuben County JDAI, connecting with other community groups to reduce the number of children who end up in juvenile detention. She is passionate about connecting kids with services to help them.

Kathy has played an important role on multiple SCCF committees. She first served on the grants committee, then joined the SCCF board of directors in 2015. She hopes to see the community foundation continue to take on the challenge of supporting organizations in a very strategic, and meaningful way.

Kathy loves the generous, collaborative spirit of the people in Steuben County. She believes that everyone here is willing to come to the table and work for the greater good. In addition to serving on various SCCF boards, Kathy is also a city councilmember where she started the Investment Fund board and has worked closely with the Economic Development Corporation.

Kathy and is married to her husband Tom, and they have two grown children. She spends her free time on the lake, taking care of her 120-year-old home, entertaining, and traveling.

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