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For the past 3 years, SCCF has worked with local nonprofits serving Steuben County to identify their greatest needs in time for Giving Tuesday. Last year, we heard stories of individuals who used these wish lists to donate toys and fund projects for nonprofits, delighted to see how they could make a difference. This year, we had 23 nonprofits participate! Browse this page to learn about their greatest needs, or click below to download a print-ready 11×17 PDF version of the list. If you’d like to make a gift, we encourage you to reach out to the nonprofit directly using the contact information listed here.

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Some of the nonprofits also sent us a short video clip explaining their wish list items. We’ve compiled these into one Steuben County Nonprofit Wish List video!

Wish List Submissions

Cahoots Coffee Cafe

260-624-2399 |
$10: Interior paint & board/card games
$100: 4 channel XLR “snake” & video game console
$1000: Donation towards floor refurbishing & new/refurbished restaurant grade espresso machine
Non-monetary: Volunteers to present cultural heritage art projects, volunteer baristas

Cameron Memorial Hospital

260-667-3655 |
$10: Office supplies
$100: Gas cards for patients
$1000: Air conduction audiometer

Community Anti-Violence Alliance

260-667-4317 |
$10: Coloring books & toilet paper 
$100: Printer ink & visitation room toys 
$1000: Laptop computer & video game console 
Non-monetary: Volunteers for COVID-19 sanitations, volunteers for DV hotline 

Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy

260-527-1072 |
$10: Individually wrapped snacks & envelopes 
$100: Custom retractable banner for events, forever stamps
$1000: Enclosed utility trailer & new laptop computer 
Non-monetary: Local experts to teach educational events, volunteers to help on June 13, 2020 for annual Kasota Island Workday

Compassion Pregnancy Center

260-668-7773 |
$10: Toilet paper, paper towels & copier paper, white card stock
$100: Desk chair & Keurig
$1000: Outdoor banner listing services & shelving unit
Non-monetary: Volunteers to help sort donations, volunteers familiar with Apple MacBook Pros to offer technological help

Downtown Angola Coalition

260-668-9453 |
$10: Markers & reams of paper
$100: Cleaning supplies & toilet paper
Non-monetary: Sponsors for events within the community (wagon rides, women’s week, historical projects, etc.)

Easterseals RISE

260-665-9408 |
$10: Adjustable umbrella mount stand for wheelchair
$100: Karaoke machine w/extra microphone 
$1000: Inflatable movie screen w/projector and speakers & new basketball hoop and cement pad 
Non-monetary: Volunteers to paint bridge and picnic area 

Fremont Youth & Community Outreach, Inc. 

260-667-4467 |
$10: Postage stamps & Lysol wipes 
$100: Sign board on wheels & large-scale cooking supplies 
$1000: Cargo van insurance & equipment for mass meal packing events 
Non-monetary: Volunteers for food distribution & electrical/wiring and plumbing services 

Lake James Christian Camp & Retreat Center

260-833-2786 |
$10: 25 lb. bag of flour or sugar & 55 gal. trash bags 
$100: No contact infrared thermometer & microphone stands 
$1000: Pro Presenter 7 software, handheld microphone system, & stage box 

Project Help

260-316-3435 |
$10: Salt for sidewalks & disposable gloves 
$100: Commercial entry rugs & toner cartridge and copy paper 
$1000: Large dry erase sign & heavy duty food carts and furniture moving carts 
Non-monetary: Volunteers to sort clothing and distribute food, volunteers to run Christmas assistance program

Promise Land Community Inc. 

260-499-0359 |
$10: Post cards & card stock 
$100: Fitness headset 
$1000: Exercise equipment & sign language teaching charts 
Non-monetary: Volunteers to encourage and assist individuals during class

Purdue Extension – Steuben County

260-668-1000 x1400 |
$10: Flip chart, markers & incentives for programs
$100: Sponsorship of Annie’s Project & Tello drone 
$1000: Extend working hours of a paid program assistant and/or part-time staff
Non-monetary: Childcare during program sessions, unique facility to tour and host our Extension Board Annual Meeting in the fall

Steuben County Council on Aging 

260-665-8191 |
$10: Disposable kitchenware & sanitizing items 
$100: Cook ware & knife set 
Non-monetary: Volunteers to wash windows, volunteers to assist with moving and organizing boxes. Heavy lifting. 

Steuben County Historical Society 

260-665-5068 |
$10: Paper lawn/leaf bags & LED light bulbs
$100: Wet/dry vac & supplies for document preservation
$1000: Folding textile rack & dehumidifier 
Non-monetary: Volunteers to help with flower bed grooming and raking 

Steuben County Humane Shelter

260-833-2877 |
$10: Collars & cat toys
$100: Printer cartridges & pallets of cat litter 
$1000: Van repairs and maintenance & kennel medications 
Non-monetary: Volunteers to help with landscaping and paint touch up, social media help 

Steuben County Literacy Coalition

260-665-1414 |
$10: Disposable camera & gift cards for incentives 
$100: Food for cooking clubs & gift cards for teachers/assistants 
$1000: Funding for student iPads & enrichment programs 
Non-monetary: Enrichment providers that can provide virtual programming in any field 

Steuben County United Way

260-665-6196 |
$10: Copy paper & envelopes
$100: School supplies, rolls of stamps
$1000: Billboard space & newer copy machine
Non-monetary: Volunteers to help seniors/disabled with yardwork, a place to put donor dip jar for a couple weeks at a time

TLC House Indiana

260-624-2274 |
$10: Postage stamps & hand sanitizer 
$100: Epsom ink 502 & meat/nonperishables/cleaning supplies  
$1000: Monetary donations for rent assistance and major house repairs 
Non-monetary: Technical law assistance & volunteers for home improvement projects 

Trine University 

260-665-4129 |
$10: Packages of pens and white paper 
$100: Tee shirts & Giving Tuesday thank you cards/pizza lunch 
$1000: Student scholarship & Books and Beyond Scholarship
Non-monetary: Volunteer will writers, volunteer regional event workers 

Turning Point

260-665-9191 | shannonthomas@turning
$10: Laundry soap & stamps
$100: Gas cards & jackets with new logos 
$1000: New shed and waxed floors 
Non-monetary: Volunteers to answer phones, volunteers to drive residents to appointments 

Well Child Clinic

260-665-2403 |
$10: Office supplies, children’s snacks (healthy, no candy), bottled water
$100: Printing toner & activity books
$1000: Office cleaning & medical urine strips 
Non-monetary: Volunteer nurses for clinic days 

Women in Transition

260-624-3178 |
$10: Office supplies & coffee pot 
$100: Vacuum sweeper
$1000: Kitchen cabinet repairs & bathroom sink counter tops 
Non-monetary: Computer technical assistance & transportation for residents to appointments 

YMCA of Steuben County

260-668-3607 |
$10: Hand sanitizer & copy paper 
$100: Web camera & boxing gloves 
$1000: Office desk & industrial storage shelves 
Non-monetary: Interior design, volunteers for gym floor demolition project 

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