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Brevin Bennett

Board of Directors



“I look forward to giving back to the community that gave me a start.”

Brevin received career training through Impact Institute, then began work at C&K Tool, now known as Eva-Lution. Today, he serves as the President of Eva-Lution, where he has worked for 5 years.


In addition to the SCCF board, Brevin is involved in an entrepreneurship group called The Buzz, as well as serving on the Steuben County Economic Development Corporation’s industry advisory board.


Brevin is passionate about supporting opportunities for people to grow in their careers outside of a formal college education. He hopes to use his board service to find ways to branch out and get younger generations of people involved in philanthropy. Brevin looks forward to learning from the other SCCF board members who have been through a wide variety of different experiences.


In his free time, Brevin enjoys the outdoors, wood working, and spending time on the lakes. He likes that Steuben County has many opportunities for success with support from the EDC, SCCF, and other nonprofits for everyone from high school graduates to career executives.


Brevin Bennett has a long history with SCCF. He grew up in Hamilton, and he was a member of FIST – SCCF’s youth philanthropy program. As an adult, he remained connected with SCCF through his great uncle, Jim Ingledue, who served on the board of directors for 9 years. Brevin was inspired by Jim’s involvement in the community through his business and board service, and he grew up wanting to follow in those footsteps.