SCCF Grants

Grant funds can help nonprofits kickstart a new project, adapt to a new challenge, or expand their existing programming and operations to make a bigger impact. 

SCCF awards grant funding through a variety of funds. Some were established by donors who designated specific organizations to receive their grant funds each year without any application process. Others were established to address a certain field of interest, such as women’s issues or local community needs. Approximately 20% of SCCF’s grantmaking is done through the application-based grant cycles listed on this page.

SCCF’s grant application is administered through an online grants management system called Foundant. Click the link below to begin your application for any of the grant cycles listed on this page.

For additional information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. Applicants should direct questions about eligibility or grant cycles to SCCF Vice President of Programs, Lisa Biers, at or 260-665-6656.

Download Resources

Not sure if you are eligible to receive a grant? Download our grant guidelines document for more details. 

Applicants may use this sample budget template when writing grant requests. Columns for years two and three are intended for Impact Grant requests. 

Grant Cycles

SCCF offers multiple grant opportunities throughout the year. Grantees should consider which cycle best aligns with the goals of their project before applying.  The grant cycles noted with an asterisk (*) are part of SCCF’s Spirit of Community Fund. The Spirit of Community Fund is SCCF’s unrestricted grant fund. We use a committee of local volunteers to review applications and awards grants to support health and human services, education, arts and culture, the environment, recreation, community development, and other local needs. Nonprofits that receive a grant in a Spirit of Community Fund grant cycle are not eligible to apply for additional funding from another Spirit of Community cycle within the same fiscal year.

Applications for each grant cycle are available in the SCCF grants portal here. Contact Lisa Biers, at or 260-665-6656 if you further questions about which cycle to consider.

Education grants are for projects that are related to education, training, and advancement of skills to participants of all ages.

These grants are for:

  • Projects that increase the number and quality of artistic offerings in the community
  • Projects that promote the preservation/appreciation of Steuben County’s natural resources
  • Projects that improve access to and the facilities available for recreation, such as parks, bike trails, walking paths, etc.
  • Projects that develop the heart of the community and promote the gathering of local community members for collective action and relationship building

These grants are for:

  • Projects that address physical and/or mental health
  • Projects that provide additional healthcare services or improving the existing services for Steuben County residents
  • Projects that address basic human needs like hunger or homelessness
  • Projects that improve quality of life through the prevention of issues and/or by addressing current problems

These grants are for multi-year, collaborative programs that demonstrate innovation and have a sustainability plan. For more information, please review the Board Approved Grant Guidelines Rev July 20 2023  

These grants are for:

Projects that address women’s issues and which primarily serve Steuben County women and girls.

These grants are for:

  • Projects that increase awareness of and participation in the humanities by Steuben County residents
  • Includes performances, exhibits, multi-cultural experiences, workshops, and readings on humanities topics

These funds have local volunteer committees to review grant requests that affect their communities within Steuben County.

Nonprofits can apply for grants from community funds in Angola, Ashley-Hudson, Clear Lake, Fremont, Hamilton, Helmer, Metz, Orland, Pleasant Lake, and Salem Center.

Community funds support projects like local festivals, community events, or other projects that have a direct impact on their local community. 

Grant Cycle Deadlines

Education Grants Cycle: Applications due January 31

Arts and Culture, Environment, Recreation, Community Development, Other: Applications due April 30

Health & Human Services Grants Cycle: Applications due July 31

Impact Grants: Letter of Inquiry due August 15, select groups invited to submit applications due October 15

Women’s Fund: Applications due March 31,  and October 31

Humanities Fund: Applications considered throughout the year

Community Funds: Angola, Ashley-Hudson, Clear Lake, Fremont, Hamilton, Helmer, Metz, Orland, Pleasant Lake, and Salem Center: Applications considered throughout the year

Grant Eligibility

Nonprofit organizations serving Steuben County. Requests may be approved for nonprofits headquartered outside Steuben County if a majority of the people benefitting from the grant funds reside in Steuben County.
  • Individuals
  • Organizations with outstanding grant reports due to SCCF
  • Organizations that do not serve Steuben County
  • Projects and programs intended to improve quality of life in Steuben County, with special consideration given to collaborative projects and those which consider and attempt to address root causes
  • Projects that fit within a nonprofit organization’s mission and strategic plan, and that have support from their board demonstrated by board approved meeting minutes supporting the application
  • Projects normally fully funded by government or schools
  • Religious activities that do not serve the community at large
  • Political organizations or campaigns
  • Projects that duplicate existing services without collaboration
  • Projects where SCCF is the sole funder
  • Requests for projects that have already occurred or debt reduction
  • Requests for a project that SCCF has funded for 3 consecutive years
  • Fundraising campaigns

Designated Grants

Each year, SCCF makes grant distributions from designated funds that were established by donors to provide support for one or more specific nonprofits annually forever. These grants are awarded in August and support a wide variety of nonprofits in the community. 

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