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Craig Burkholder


Craig has served on the Ashley-Hudson Community Fund committee since 2000. He was encouraged to join the grants committee by a friend, and he has been the chair of the grants committee since 2015. “I like the spiderweb effect of SCCF’s grants. There are a bucketload of nonprofits in the county who touch a lot of lives, and to have a small hand in helping the community help those nonprofits, it seemed like a good reason to get involved,” he shared. Craig was also motivated to get involved by his Christian faith background, and he saw volunteering with SCCF as a way of giving back beyond his church.


While on the committee, he has enjoyed the diversity of backgrounds and experience of committee members, and seeing how they come together to ask tough questions of the requests and each other. “It’s not just a rubber stamp, we are working hard to make strong decisions,” said Craig. He looks forward to working to help nonprofits address root causes of big challenges.


Craig spends most of his free time involved in church and school activities. You can find him coaching little league, soccer, and other athletics at Prairie Heights Schools. Coaching allows him to get involved with kids, families, and the greater community. In addition to coaching and working with the Steuben County JA board, Craig was previously chair of the Ashley Hudson Chamber of Commerce and helped start the Ashley Hudson festival. He likes the mentality and perspective from church and community groups, as well as the connections made from years of group work.

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“We moved here and raised a family here, so now Steuben County feels like home after all these years.”



Craig Burkholder is a new addition to the SCCF Board of Directors in July 2019, but he has been an active volunteer at the foundation for many years. Craig met his wife, Cheryl, at Huntington College. They moved to Virginia for a few years, then Craig came to Northeast Indiana to serve as the pastor of Hudson United Brethren Church in 1989.