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Steuben County Community Foundation encourages projects that:

  • Address high priority community concerns

  • Encourage more effective use of community resources

  • Test or demonstrate new approaches and techniques in the solution of community problems

  • Are intended to strengthen the management capabilities of agencies

  • Promote volunteer participation and citizen involvement in community affairs

  • If approved, each grant recipient must sign an agreement that includes the following obligations*:

  • Public acknowledgement of the Steuben County Community Foundation's support

  • Expenditure of the monies as specified in the proposal

  • Return of any unused portion of the grant

  • Completion of an evaluation report

  • Any special conditions as mutually agreed

2016 Walk into My Future at Trine University

Photo from Walk Into My Future Program_9.22.16


*failure to do so can adversely affect any subsequent requests


If not approved, the Steuben County Community Foundation will give you specific feedback on the proposal's review. Remember, "no" doesn't have to mean "never".

The SCCF guidelines provide information about eligibility and include details about each grant cycle.


Download the grant guidelines here.


If you have questions about your eligibility or project idea, contact Jacqui Gentile at 260-665-6656 or at [email protected]