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Vocational Scholarships

The Steuben County Community Foundation currently manages four vocational scholarships to graduating high school seniors and adult Steuben County residents. These scholarships provide assistance to residents of Steuben County in a non-traditional way. These scholarships give citizens an opportunity to apply for assistance and focuses on education opportunities that are not typically a four-year bachelor’s degree. For residents that are considering vocational or trade school, a certificate program, apprenticeship, skills-building courses for work including computer instruction, a secondary language, etc. - this is the perfect opportunity.




  • The Lakeland Marine Retailers Association Scholarship is administered through SmarterSelect, an online application service.

  • For more information on the Smarter Select Program and step by step instructions, click here.


  • The Donald W Rogers Vocational Scholarship is administered through the Angola Elks. Please contact them at 260-665-6408 for any questions.  


Please contact Jacqui Gentile at 260-665-6656 for more information on these scholarships.

General Scholarship Info