2021 Annual Meeting

Steuben County Community Foundation’s (SCCF) 2021 Annual Meeting was held on August 19 at Glendarin Hills Golf Course. During the meeting, SCCF President and CEO, Jennifer Danic, thanked the volunteers, donors, and community members who make the foundation’s work possible. She shared that the SCCF board focuses on permanence, working on a timeline of “forever.” Sometimes it’s difficult to grasp the concept of what it means for an organization to be around forever, so the board of directors makes decisions today that they think will continue helping the community address tomorrow’s problems.

Adam Miller, SCCF board chair, shared updates on how community foundation projects addressed the impacts of COVID-19. SCCF provided COVID-19 relief grants in partnership with the Steuben County United Way. SCCF also assisted the City of Angola and the Angola Investment Fund with the administration of their OCRA small business loan applications. In the meantime, SCCF continued to award grants and scholarships and offer nonprofit training workshops as usual. He encouraged people to reach out to SCCF if they have ideas about how we can encourage collaboration and problem-solving to meet the needs of our community.

The meeting concluded with a celebration of SCCF’s designated grants. These funds account for approximately 1/3 of SCCF’s grantmaking each year, and they are distributed to specific nonprofits each year according to the donors’ instructions for these funds. SCCF has more than 100 designated funds, offering annual grants to 70 nonprofits who serve Steuben County. This year, SCCF awarded approximately $350,000 in designated grants.

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