Privacy Policy

The Steuben County Community Foundation Board of Directors shall formally establish policies which officially commit the organization to a position which will protect: (1) the best interests of its donors, (2) the official representatives of the institution, (3) the welfare of the institution itself, (4) the staff and volunteers used to fulfill its mission and (5) demonstrate its firm commitment to the privacy of SCCF staff, volunteers and other website users.


Staff, board and volunteers of the community foundation will keep all information viewed, edited or printed from a Steuben County Community Foundation computer or other data storage source confidential unless there are clear, documented instructions that state otherwise. All data stored on an office-owned computer or saved on the server is property of the community foundation. All files are backed up regularly on a duplicate server, and also saved off-site periodically; this includes the donor database, accounting system (current and historical), and other documents needed to fulfill the community foundation’s annual activities. These security measures apply to computers, or other electronic devices that could serve in a computer capacity (tablet, cellular phone, etc.).


The Steuben County Community Foundation will only use emails given to a staff member or volunteer for the original purpose for which it was given. SCCF does not sell or rent email addresses to anyone outside the organization. If someone does not wish to receive email correspondence, they are to inform the office at 260-665-6656 or


A unique number called an IP address identifies every computer on the Internet. “Cookies” are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. SCCF can use IP addresses and/or cookies to maintain user session identity.


All information viewed on an SCCF computer or from the SCCF server is solely the property of the Steuben County Community Foundation. A Director, committee member, staff member or volunteer may have access to donor or organization information if s/he is participating in a grantmaking or asset development process, however, all information is property of SCCF and is not to be used for private benefit.

The Board of Directors maintains responsibility for all grantmaking and fundraising decisions and will ensure all paid or volunteer constituents adhere to the conflict of interest, confidentiality and privacy policies.

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