Dave and Kathy Bruns Commit to Giving Back

David and Kathy Bruns recently established the David and Kathy Bruns Fund at the Steuben County Community Foundation (SCCF). This fund will support faith-based and education-related organizations in the community and will be funded through their estate.

“We have known about SCCF since it was formed and have watched it grow into a very vital part of our community,” said the Bruns’. We have been blessed and want to make sure the faith-based and education-related organizations we support now will continue their excellent work long after we are gone. We are confident that SCCF’s investment policies are sound and will continue our philanthropy footprint into the future. It was very easy to set up our fund. The CEO did a good job explaining options and answering our questions. We were excited to learn that having this fund actually simplifies our estate planning! We know that every dollar received by a nonprofit is a vote of confidence in its mission, leadership, and legacy of accomplishments. By setting up this fund we are stating our confidence in SCCF, as well as the charities we have chosen. We hope others will do the same!”

The Bruns’ will be added to the Baron Von Steuben Society, SCCF’s legacy society. For more information about how to leave a legacy through SCCF contact jdanic@steubenfoundation.org or call 260-665-6656.

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