Disaster Response Fund Awards Grant for County Vaccination Effort

The Steuben County Disaster Response Fund, a collaboration between Steuben County Community Foundation and Steuben County United Way, awarded a $30,000 grant to support county-wide vaccination efforts. Currently, Cameron Memorial Community Hospital is responsible for vaccinating medical professionals in phase 1A of vaccine distribution. The Disaster Response Fund grant to Cameron will help with the cost of the setup for Steuben County’s vaccine site at the event center. As the state progresses through vaccine phases, Cameron and the Steuben County Health Department will continue to collaborate on this impressive effort.

“Cameron is grateful to the Steuben County Community Foundation for their continued support,” said Connie McCahill, President and CEO of Cameron. “The fight against COVID-19 has been a long and laborious one, but community partners such as the Community Foundation and Board of Health have helped us carry the load. Each entity is living out our missions through this work and our community is more connected and collaborative as a result.”

The Steuben County Disaster Response Fund has granted more than $271,000 total to 28 local nonprofit organizations for COVID-19 relief. In 2020, the fund gave grants to a variety of local organizations. These include a handful of matching grants to boost community fundraising efforts after many events were canceled. In September 2020, SCCF hosted a Year-end and Digital Fundraising workshop. The disaster response fund allocated up to $2,000 per participating 501(c)(3) nonprofit for unrestricted matching grants to help their year-end fundraising efforts.

The Steuben County Disaster Response Fund reopened its grant application on January 1, 2021. The committee is now reviewing applications from Steuben County nonprofits and regional nonprofits that serve our community. More details are available at www.steubenfoundation.org/COVID19.

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